BibTag Beeper replacement guide

Sometimes the beeper of your BibTag decoder doesn’t work properly after using it for a while. Usually due to the (changing) weather conditions. This issue is often a small one but can be a pity. A non-beeping decoder doesn’t indicate a non-detecting decoder, but for athletes crossing your line, it's confusing. The beeper is a confirmation for many to know their tag is being detected. So, how do you solve this issue? Follow this step-by-step guide to execute a beeper test and replace the beeper. Prefer reading it on a different device, at your own convenience? Download the guide here.

Beeper test

1. Open the decoder

Only unscrew the green-marked screws! You can’t unscrew the cross-marked screws because it will loosen up the internal works of the decoder. You will probably have to send the decoder to MYLAPS to get it fixed if you do this. When unscrewed, flip the faceplate and lay on the faceplate. You can put it on the decoder.

Unscrew BibTag Decoder

Important: Don't unscrew the red-marked screws!

2. Check the beeper

Locate the beeper. When tapping the buzzer with a screwdriver, you can detect if it's functioning properly. 

Locate BibTag BeeperTap BibTag Beeper

No beep? Then it's time to replace the beeper

Replacing the beeper

To replace the beeper, always disconnect the beeper first. Then twist the beeper, attach a new beeper with double-sided tape and then simply connect the beeper. Now run the same test to see if it’s beeping, by tapping the screwdriver. Sometimes the beeper won’t work when you’re switching from warm/cold locations, but after climatizing a bit, the beeper will work.

Tap BibTag BeeperReplace BibTag Beeper

That's it! 

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Looking for more maintenance guides or other information on your hardware/software? Visit for more guides, videos and manuals, and support. Looking for more guides about the MYLAPS BibTag system? find more Tips for BibTag maintenance here.

Prefer reading this guide on a different device, at your own convenience? Download the guide here.

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