How to update the firmware of the MYLAPS BibTag decoder


Why it's important to keep the firmware up to date

Check your decoder for updates regularly, to prevent unsupported firmware versions. Since 2 years, the process of downloading, installing and updating the firmware for all your decoders has been drastically simplified. If you follow this step by step guide, updating is done in no-time!

Firmware update

1. Download the firmware

Go to the MYLAPS Portal and select BibTag. There’s no need to download separate files per decoder. Download 1 file for all your BibTag decoders.

2. Fill in the MAC address of your decoders

Fill in the mac address of the decoder you want to update, click next, then it will search for the decoder in the network, and
start updating. This should run smoothly, but sometimes it won't be found. When this happens, hold the shift button on your keyboard and then press next simultaneously. A different screen will be shown, asking for the ip-address of the specific decoder you wish to update. If you fill this in and press next, it will guide you to the next screen.




3. Progress of the update

Now the wizard will update your decoder. Don’t turn off the system during the firmware update. Once finished, the process can be repeated for your other decoders. 


Want to learn more?
Looking for more maintenance guides or other information on your (BibTag) hardware/software? Visit for more guides, videos, and manuals. Want to give this guide another, offline read? Download this step by step guide.

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