Balaton Park takes Race Control to the next level

The Balaton Park Circuit has set a new race control and timing standard. The circuit, which opened its doors in October, offers the latest technology to enhance track safety and optimize the race experience for drivers and officials.


Balaton Park Circuit, which applies to the FIA Grade 2 for regional and international racing, is designed according to the latest safety standards. The safety flag signals are not only shown by marshals but are also sent to the drivers’ dashboards and displayed on 15 LED Light Panels along the track. Next, all live vehicle positions can be tracked by the Race Control officials, reducing the risk of dangerous situations. To guarantee accurate and reliable lap times, the circuit uses transponder timing.

Balaton Park Safety car

Race Control System using real-time data

MYLAPS X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution to control all the actions happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location and vehicle data) to enhance the safety of personnel and racers on the track.

X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit. The system consists of 2 pillars: Track Management and Race Management.

Race Control

Track Management

Track management thrives on clear infrastructure visibility for safety and efficiency. Integrating GPS tracking, sector marshaling, and hazard alerts offers real-time situational awareness. LED signals onboard and trackside minimize reliance on flag marshals, enhancing monitoring and response. This approach mitigates incidents swiftly, reducing liability risks and costs, while maximizing racing time for customers.

Race Management

Series organizers leverage real-time tools like speed monitoring, replays, and alerts for evidence-based rulings, upholding sporting regulations effectively. With GPS tracking, warning systems, and marshaling, swift situation assessment reduces downtime from accidents, enhancing safety and fairness. This approach increases professionalism, improving the overall racing experience for racers and fans alike.

Partnership with Chronomoto & MYLAPS Sports Technology

To realize this state-of-the-art setup, Balaton Park Circuit partnered up with Chronomoto, a Hungary-based company with many years of experience in race control and timing solutions. All products are developed by MYLAPS Sports Technology, the global market leader in sports timing and expert in race control solutions. The MYLAPS X2 Race Control system is a fully integrated solution, including FIA & FIM homologated Light Panels, to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time information like GPS location and vehicle data. For their timekeeping, Balaton Park relies on the X2 Timing System with the newest TR2 Transponders. This is widely recognized as the most reliable and accurate timing system, used by many top global motorsports organizations like MotoGP, WEC, IndyCar, NASCAR, and many more.

Balaton partnershipOptimizing track safety

Adrienn Walterné Dancsó, Head of Operation at Balaton Park: ‘We are thrilled to offer this level of race experience to the drivers. Track safety is an important spearhead for us, and we are proud to partner up with MYLAPS, a company that also works together with series like IndyCar, NASCAR, and MotoGP.’

Balaton Park Race Control Panel


Creating the ultimate sports experience

Engelbert Gieskes, Commercial Director Motorsports at MYLAPS: ‘It’s great to work together with Balaton Park and our partner ChronoMoto. Our mission is to offer everyone the ultimate sports experience, and we are excited that this new circuit uses our technology to make this possible.’ 


About Balaton Park CircuitBalaton Park Track

The motor racing circuit, Balaton Park Circuit is located near  Balatonfőkajár, Hungary, and is 4.115km long and varies in width between 12-15 m.

The track, designed to host regional and international race events, is planned and constructed according to the highest safety standards and regulations and is fully equipped with ‘Tecpro’ barriers (no tire walls). The facilities include 48 pit garages, spacious VIP areas, and lounges including fine catering services, a large media center, a medical center, and two additional support paddock areas. 




About Chronomoto

Our team started its activity in 1998 with the timing of different motorsport races, later it was complemented with organizing and managing events and other projects related to sports and IT. Step by step we completed various projects with increasing complexity. So, among our references, we can consider the timing of several FIA and FIM World and European Championship series, the service of live broadcasts, the presentation of several new car models, and the organization of large corporate events.


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