Enhancing the Horse Racing Experience with Automated Timing

WDC Wolvega 2023

Horse racing is a thrilling spectacle of speed and elegance. Horses trot with the strength of their muscles, racing towards the finish line. The competition is fierce, often involving horses racing side by side.  In the world of horse racing, precision in timing is equally crucial. Every moment is significant, and every fraction of a second plays a crucial role.  We spoke to Ralf Dekker, manager at Victoria Park, in Wolvega to explore the world of timing horse races and understand what goes into capturing those intense moments of the race.

WDC Wolvega 2023Three years ago, Victoria Park horse racing track, in Wolvega embarked on a mission to transform its racing events into a thrilling, data-rich experience. The track's manager, Ralf Dekker recounts the journey of implementing MYLAPS' state-of-the-art timing technology, unveiling a new era of precision, engagement, and advancement.  


Welcoming Evolution

In the past, timing at the Wolvega track was done manually, relying on stopwatches, and without public visibility. "We had someone with a stopwatch in the office who would time the races, but it was never displayed to the public," Dekker says.

This changed with the integration of MYLAPS' timing system. When asked about the catalyst for this transformation, Dekker reflects, "We looked at other sports like ice skating in The Netherlands, where they had professional timing. We believed this was the key to take our track to the next level."

With the new system in place, racing at Wolvega became a spectacle of precision. Dekker enthusiastically describes the impact, "The audience now enjoys a heightened experience. They can see the times for every 500m for every horse, witnessing the races like never before." This innovation injects a new level of engagement and excitement, as spectators can observe when the distance between horses narrows or widens.

The impact of technology was evident at the recent World Driving Championship held at Victoria Park in Wolvega. Dekker says we've already seen how it connected with people during the Championship. Around the event, talk of the timing system was bubbling with enthusiasm.


Encouraging Trainers & Jockeys

Dekker emphasizes that the benefits extend beyond the spectator stands. "The timing system provides trainers and jockeys with valuable insights," he explains. "Comparing the first 500 meters to the last allows us to identify improvement areas. We can also gauge performance against other horses or even compare times weeks apart. This is a game-changer for training strategies."

The system has closed the gap between the Netherlands and countries like France and Sweden, which have had similar technologies for a decade. "We were behind, but now we are catching up. The system has helped our trainers and jockeys progress significantly," Dekker proudly declares.

Horse Race timing equipmentHorse Race timing equipment

Dekker dispels concerns about the system's complexity. "We have backups for transponders, so if one breaks or runs out of battery, we can easily swap them without wasting time," he clarifies. While some adjustments are needed before races, the software's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth process.


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The future of horse racing 

As for the future, Dekker is optimistic. "The MYLAPS Horse Race Timing System is a significant investment, and we're delighted with the results," he states. "For improvements, enhancing graphics for a more engaging spectator experience is a possibility. There's room for growth."

In conclusion, Dekker is more than satisfied with MYLAPS' timing solution. "We've taken not one, but two or three steps into the future. This system has elevated the racetrack at Wolvega. It's state-of-the-art equipment, and everyone here is more than happy with its results," he says.

MYLAPS' revolutionary timing technology has indeed transformed the Victoria Park horse racing track, at Wolvega into a hub of innovation, precision, and excitement.


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