Learn how Tor Poznań Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world

The Automobillklub Wielkopolski has recently upgraded the Tor Poznan circuit in Poland, making it ‘one of the most modern circuits in the world’, says Bartosz Bieliński, president of Automobillklub Wielkopolski. The circuit was updated through the installation and use of the full MYLAPS X2 Race Control solution. This includes Tracking, Marshalling, Advanced Track Management. The Marshalling module includes the newest addition to the system, the FIA & FIM grade 2 homologated light panels. The installation of the panels means that Poznań Circuit can now welcome more racing series at the circuit, wich is a great advantage to the track. An overview of the installation specifications follows.

The system

MYLAPS X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location and vehicle data) to enhance the safety of personnel and racers on the track.

X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit. The system consists of 4 pillars: tracking, marshalling, advanced track management and live data.  



 The Tor Poznan circuit

The Tor Poznań circuit has existed for over 40 years and has been welcoming racers from all around the world for many years now. Over the years, motorsport has seen many technical innovations and

Poznancasestudy3upgrades and the Poznań circuit had to decide when to upgrade their circuit, and to prioritize the adoption of new technology innovations. Following the installation of a new digital camera system in 2021, the circuit turned its attention to further improving track safety, together with enhancing the on-track driving experience. Following a review of the available technology they decided that the X2 Race Control system would achieve both goals. Their upgrade was successful and showed advantages right from the start.


Jakub Kędziora, timekeeper of Poznan Circuit and innovator of collaborating with MYLAPS, said: “From year to year, new investments appear on our track, making it one of the best tracks in Europe, which will host the best racing series’’. Kędziora adds: “..we finally have the best timing system possible and the latest race management system. This is something I am very proud of and I hope for a long and fruitful cooperation with MYLAPS because they are pioneers in the motorsport equipment market.’’

Following a successful implementation before the start of the 2022 season, the representatives of the Poznań circuit are now very pleased with the use of the X2 Race Control. Alongside X2 Race Control, a complete installation of the X2 Timing system also was executed. Tomasz Kędziora, main timekeeper of Poznan Circuit explained the on-track advantages:

 ‘’I am very glad and proud that we signed a contract with MYLAPS and purchased the best possible professional timing equipment. In my over 20 years of career as a timekeeper I've never had the most modern system like now. We have 238 transponders, 6 loops (start /finish, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, Pit entry, start / finish pit, pit out). In this case, we are ready to operate new racing series that we can handle without any problem.’’

These on-track advantages were visible, right from the first moment X2 Race Control was installed. Sławomir Pytlak, race director of Poznan Circuit, said: “I was the Race Director during the 1st and 2nd round of the Polish Motor Racing Championship at Poznań Circuit. The newest Race Management System from MYLAPS helped me in my duties as the Race Director. The system turned out to be very intuitive and fulfilled the expectations. The system helps to quickly detect threats and prepare safety procedures while receiving messages from marshals.’’


Because the marshals can work more efficiently and react faster to the action on track, the marshalling module could lead to marshall number reduction. This means lower operational costs.

Enhanced racing experience

Beside the advantages that the system has given to Poznań on-track, it also enhances the entire experience off-track. Tomasz Kędziora: “The Race Management impresses drivers and teams that come to Poznań for competition – they appreciate the highly increased visibility of the electronic light panels over traditional flags, and also the extra element of safety through our GPS tracking of positions on track’’.

But it’s not just the timers and race directors that are happy with the usage of X2 Race Control. Bartosz Bieliński, president of Automobilklub Wielkopolski, said:

‘’This year, Poznań Circuit opens another chapter in its more than 40-year history. We are proud to announce that Poznań Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world. We have equipped our facility with the best available timing system and the latest Race Control system approved by the international federations FIA and FIM.

All marshal posts have been equipped with LED panels, wireless tablets for panels to be operated by marshals. The system is additionally expanded with GPS antennas with transmitters, thanks to which we will be able to track every car and motorcycle on the track. Everything is combined into one track and race management system’’.


It may seem that installing X2 Race Control and learning how to use the system is a significant time investment, as marshals have to get used to the controls and adjustments of a new system. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sławomir Pytlak: ‘’The observation post marshals quickly learned how to use the new device and signaled the threat in a timely manner. I'm looking forward to the next racing weekend and the opportunity to interact with the system.’’

The Poznan setup

Wondering what a full setup might look like? The X2 Race Control System is modular, so there is always a suitable option for your circuit. A basic setup offers you great advantages in your Race Control. The experience both on and off track is enhanced when adding more components. The setup in Poznań (both Race Control and Timing) consists of items in the visualization below; X2 Link Server, X2 BaseLinks, , X2 LED Panels, X2 RaceLinks GPS for positioning and live speed, X2 Race Control Manager software (pc), X2 LED Panel controller, Marshall button controllers, detection loops and decoders. The complete overview of all X2 Race Control components can be found here.


Future with X2 Race Control

The usage of X2 Race Control prepares the Poznan Circuit for the future of racing. Bartosz Bielinski:

’'It is a consistently implemented program of modernization of the only homologated racetrack in Poland, implemented by Automobilklub Wielkopolski, which aims to take a place among the top European motorsport facilities, and whose first effects are already visible. Recently Poznań Circuit was visited by representatives of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. The visit was promising and it is possible that the track, apart from racing cars, motorcycles, karting and recently also rallycross, will gain another functionality’’.

If you have any questions regarding circuit specific needs, or wish to discuss possibilities of X2 Race Control on your track, please contact our sales team.


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