Racing Through Time: a Journey into the History of Motorsport Timing

Motorsports events have always captivated audiences with speed, precision, and thrill. There is a crucial factor behind every thrilling race and powerful engine: timing. Over the decades, the quest for accurate and reliable timing in motorized events has evolved, transforming how races are conducted and experienced.

Manual Timing with stopwatches

In the early days of motorsports events, timing relied heavily on manual methods. Stopwatches and human coordination were the norms, leading to challenges of inaccuracies and human error. Races depended on stopwatch precision, often leading to debates over results and rankings.


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RC transponders

1982: First Steps in Transponder Timing

This was about to change in 1982 when a couple of guys from Haarlem, The Netherlands, decided to put their technical skills to invent transponder timing in Radio-Controlled (RC) racing. Transponders were placed onto their model cars and a detection loop was embedded in the track. The company called AMB i.t. developed all the components needed to create the world's first automated timing system. 


The innovations created by AMB i.t. quickly gained recognition and it wasn't until long before major car racing series such as NASCAR and IndyCar started using automated timing systems. The shift from manual to automated timing marked a significant leap forward in the credibility and reliability of race results. 

Over the years, AMB i.t. continued to innovate, introducing personal transponders and multi-loop timing systems. These advancements not only enhanced accuracy but also expanded the scope of automated timing beyond professional racing, influencing timing systems across various motorized events.

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In 2008 AMB i.t. merged with ChampionChip, a company specializing in timing solutions for running events, forming MYLAPS. This strategic union brought together the expertise and technologies of both companies under one brand, reaffirming MYLAPS' commitment to excellence in sports timing. MYLAPS expanded its services to enhance as much of the sports experience as possible, including event planning and event registration. 


Next-generation timing systems for motorsports

In 2010 the X2 System was invented as a cutting-edge solution, offering high-precision and reliable timing for various motorsports events. The system was engineered to deliver exceptionally accurate results. It was built on the foundation of transponder-based timing, using transponders in vehicles, allowing for automated and instantaneous timekeeping. It provides real-time data collection and instant results for both participants and spectators. Learn more on the MYLAPS X2 System

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Unlocking Precision and Versatility

The next innovation was the introduction of the X2 Pro System and Pro Transponders, which elevate accuracy to an impressive 3/10,000ths of a second.  Moreover, the two-way functionality of these transponders facilitates data transmission, not just receiving signals but also sending loop markers for precise track positioning and providing in-vehicle timing. This includes displaying vital details to drivers, providing car positioning updates to the audience, and even informing series organizers about the current driver during lengthy 24-hour races, Indy, MotoGP, and many more. The incorporation of CAN bus support with Driver ID functionality further amplifies the range of services these transponders offer. Learn more about the X2 Pro System. 

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Live timing and online results

In 2015 MYLAPS took a new step in innovating the world of sports timing: the free MYLAPS Speedhive platform was born. Speedhive is a mobile app and website offering live timing for races all over the world and online practice and event results. This online platform provides a comprehensive hub for motorsports enthusiasts, drivers, and fans. With its user-friendly interface, the Speedhive app keeps fans engaged by delivering instant race results, lap times, and event information. Learn more on MYLAPS Speedhive.




The smallest transponder in the world

In 2018 MYLAPS also invented the latest transponder for RC Racing. The transponder features a shorter 8 cm / 3.15 in cable and weighs only 3 grams.

RC4 PRO 8888888 (ISO-3)

New transponders that can be managed from a phone

In 2019 MYLAPS introduced TR2 Transponder. It is the world-leading standard in accuracy. It is a very compact and light transponder, ensuring ease of installation. This transponder can be managed from your smartphone, with battery insights. 



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